Roseline Ebunobi

Founder and CEO

Roseline Obianuju Ebunobi is the Founder and CEO of IO Technologies Limited and has assembled a magnificent, self-driven and passionate team of elite engineers, skilled and creative individuals to achieve the missions of IO Technologies. IO Technologies is Roseline’s brainchild. It’s inspired by the constant quest to eradicate poverty and empower the jobless Nigerian youth. Her deep passion to be the change is spread across IO tech mission of bringing freely knowledge of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to the masses and to give the common Nigerian man access to information to learn and earn and also employable skills to help them stay relevant in the society.

Roseline is a philanthropist. The Founder of Red Alert Project, a brainchild of the (REFOUNDATION) which is aimed at solving unemployment problems in Nigeria using technology, creativity, and empathy.

Roseline is  a Computer Engineer with several IT certifications. Holds an MOOC on Digital Currencies at the University of Nicosia and currently pursuing  her Masters in Blockchain Technology. She is an experienced technologist and investor in Bitcoin and alt-coins. Roseline envisions IO Technologies  to be the Nigerian educational platform that will equip and inspire Nigerians, Africa and the World.

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