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Our Office Space in Abuja

We create an opportunity for entrepreneurs and creatives across different sectors to use our facility for their dream events. We make it affordable for everyone.


Using our facility gives a chance to meet professionals across all sectors, to be the first to hear about our opportunities, to have a chance to feature your brand at our facility and publications for the world to see and more.

IO Tech Progress Bar

Skill Acquisition Training 78%
Co-working Space 93%
IT solutions, App and Web Development 87%
Virtual Workers 75%
Social Media Management 90%

Our Office Space in Abuja

We provide high quality office space to knowledge-based enterprises, entrepreneurs and individuals to work effectively and connect with other like minds as well as a center where Youths and everyone can be equipped with practical skills such as digital marketing, content development, IT skills, hardware development, handicrafts and more.

Communal facilities such as a reception, meeting rooms and training halls are available for all our subscribers who are a part of our strong growing community. Our affordable rates include internet connection, back-up generator, air-conditioning servicing (central system), printers, projectors, sound system, etc.

The Innovation hub acts as a platform for partnerships, exhibitions, resource center, events and gatherings with the aim to empower and create access to job opportunities in collaboration with our Non-profit Organization; We are building a strong community and we will like you to be a part of it.


Grab Your Access Card

The year is running out and we want to help you make your dream event happen for free. With just an access card you will have free entry to use our facility once in the month of October, November, and December to Cowork, Network, and Study and an opportunity to make your dream event happen for FREE!.

Bishop Plan

Rent a work space
Work space for a day |Free Internet Usage |Access to rest room |Drinking Water |Business skill Training after 14 times of usage

Knight Plan

Rent A Work Space
Workspace for a day |Free Internet Usage|Access to restroom |Drinking Water|Business skill Training after 14 times of usage

Queen Plan

Rent a work space
Workspace for a day|Free Internet Usage |Access to restroom |Drinking-Water |Business skill Training after 14 times of usage

King Plan

Rent the Hub space for an event
Workspace for a day |Free Internet Usage |Access to restroom |Drinking-Water |Business skill Training after 14 times of usage
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The global space can be used for many things but it is more rewarding to use it for the right reasons. That is why we collaborated with IO Technologies on the ‘Stop fake news and hate speech campaign’ which is focused on sensitizing  and educating  Nigerians on the negative impact of fake news and hate speech and how to better utilize the cyberspace (internet) in a positive and innovative way – Gabari Abari, National Orientation Agency.

National Orientation Agency

National Orientation Agency

Gabari Abari, DG NOA.

“Solving the unemployment problem in Nigeria must go beyond words, we must take action. We must be willing to take responsibility for our lives, open to knowledge and ready to do things differently.”

Roseline Ebunobi

Roseline Ebunobi


It is a great honor to be a partner to IO Technologies Limited.  A fast-rising innovative company that creates a wide range of opportunities accessible to everyone from providing coworking/event space to digital skills education,  provision of virtual workers to businesses, job opportunities and more. A team of innovative and empathetic individuals doing great things for the nation. I am happy to be associated with such bright minds.

Emmanuel Otori

Emmanuel Otori

Founder, Market Advantage Consulting.

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