If we gave you our facility located in Wuse Zone 6 Abuja free for a whole day what will you do with it? The facility has over 200-400 sitting capacity in a nice environment with internet access and all you need to make your dream event happen.

The year is running out and you are wondering if that dream event will ever happen.  Yes! it will. IO technologies in collaboration with Ref wants to help your dream event happen for FREE.

Yes! you heard me right. With just an access card you will have a free entry to use our facility once in the month of October, November and December, 2019 to Cowork, Network and Study . However, the goal of this opportunity is to make your dream event happen for FREE!.

This opportunity is Open to only 50 Persons

Terms and Condition Apply.

GRAB YOUR ONE TIME ACCESS CARD  and have your spot locked down for you. Sales ends on the 30th of October

Benefits :

  • The Chance to use our facility for your event for free
  • Access to mailing list
  • Self study resources on public speaking, business plan, cv and grant writing, content development, Graphic design, Social media marketing, Digital marketing, Microsoft packages (word, excel, powerpoint etc),  computer basic educstion, facebook, IG and twitter account setup, ads and more
  • Free Lunch
  • A Secretary will be assigned to you
  • Free Business mentorship
  • 200-400 sitting capacity
  • Brand and Product featuring
  • Brand reviews
  • Projector
  • Internet
  • Netflix
  • Gaming facilities
  • Self study resources
  • Sound system
  • Whiteboard
  • Discounts

Tips of what you can do with your free event slot at our facility to make money or for a free event:

Top-tips of how to use your free space
  • Seminar/training
  • Health and exercise session (Yoga, gym etc)
  • Birthday party
  • Coworking with your team
  • Dinner night
  • Bridal shower
  • Game night
  • Get-together
  • Dance class
  • Wine testing
  • Book clubs
  • Art splash event
  • Hang out
  • Food testing event
  • Essay Competition
  • Reality show
  • Christmas carol

You can sell your slot or gift this card to someone you care about.

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  • Jhon Miller
    Posted October 20, 2017 2:25 pm 0Likes

    wow, this website is great for financial and business news

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