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Job Opportunities

We understand the rise of youth unemployment and we are concerned about the wellbeing of every youth. That is why we think outside the box and create solutions that will help tackle this problem.

Exposing the youths to several job opportunities (online and beyond) will help create an experience, empower and  engage them both locally and internationally.

We know the power of synergy and we are open to connect with like-minds towards acheiving this goal.

Social media for social good

IO Forex Academy

Our mission is to provide everyone an affordable means of trading Forex with access to profitable monthly signals from day 1 and easy cut and paste trades and educational materials to guide you into a profitable trading career.
*Risk Warning *⚠ Trading Forex carries a high level of risk since leverage can work both to your advantage and disadvantage. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose. Before trading in the complex financial product, please ensure to understand the risk involved.

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The Cyberspace for Social Impact Movement

Cyberspace here refers to the global network of computers. In our attempt to reduce cyber crime, cyberbully, hate speech, fake news amongst others, we started the #C4socialImpact movement.
The goal is to dessiminate information to educate the public of the negative impact of involving in such activities and introducing them to better ways to leverage on the cyberspace (internet) and beyond at the Project 1000 Innovation Hub.

Why should I join this movement : Oh well, you simply get rewarded for doing the right thing on the internet.

Little acts like being nice to someone random online, sharing a business on social media, sharing positive content, deleting a hate comment you wrote in may on a post she made or just by not wasting your data on the wrong things could land you a small or huge reward. -Let’s get to work!

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